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Celebrate Mother Earth This Mother's Day In 7 Ways!

Every second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother's Day to remember our precious mom and show our affection & love to her. This year 16th May remember also another precious mom, Mother Earth. It is the home where you born, live, and eat.

Because Earth is so far the only one Mother of us, animals, plants and all.

So, why not honor Mother Earth this year and show your gratitude by combining Mother's Day?

If your answer is yes and want to learn "HOW", here is the right place!

1) Have hiking or walk in nature.

2) Have an eco picnic. For tips on eco picnic check this 30 sec video.

3) Dine with a home-cooked dinner, prefer veggies mostly.

4) If you will go to a restaurant, prefer a restaurant that offers locally sourced foods.

5) Plant a tree on behalf of her name. There is plenty of planting tree organizations. Here is an example from Turkey that has a special certificate for Mother's Day tree planting.

6) Gift eco products. If you need an idea you can choose a coconut bowl set, bamboo cutlery set, coconut cutlery set, Eco starter kit, Eco travel kit, Eco sanitary kit. Use "TerraMom" discount code for an instant 20% discount.

7) Buy potted plants rather than cut flowers. You can prefer those air cleaning ones.


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