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start the new year with these eco-resolutions

Celebrate Global Family Month with 5 Ways On Helping to Reduce Waste Globally

January, first month of the year, and it is when most people think about their new resolutions, new goals, opening a new page, a new beginning. It is dedicated to spreading peace around the world, and no matter what your background is, you are not alone, we are all connected, we can help each other, we are a family.

By connecting and sharing our goals and powers, we can save our blue planet, and we could start with these 5 ways of reducing waste globally.

Based on Columbia Climate School’s Series Of Sustainable Living (2018).

1. Reducing Meat consumption

Eating or consuming fruits, grains or vegetables are not affecting carbon footprint, On the other hand, meat products and dairy cause up to 14% of carbon emissions as they have to be processed in factories.

2. Local Food

Food from local production is helping in reducing Transport greenhouse gasses emissions. When food is imported, transportation needs to use more fuel for far distances reasons as well as keeping the quality of food.

3. Old and Recycled Clothes are also a fashion!

Making clothes causes a lot of greenhouse gasses emissions, they also pollute nature as they have fast production causing factories to ignore waste guidelines.

Most shops and stores use harmful materials for their bags, like plastic bags. Reusable bags are reducing carbon emissions and they have a long lifespan as well. Get your reusable natural cotton tote bag right now from TerraMavi!

5. Reduce Electricity usage

Buy LEDs, a type of light bulb that last longer as they consume less energy. Turning off lights when they are not needed is also a way of reducing carbon footprint. You can also switch to reusable energy like solar energy if you are living in a sunny area most of the year.

Share this content with your beloved ones and join our carbon footprint waste fighters family :)


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