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4 Ways to Celebrate Eco Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is dedicated to showing love to your loved ones. We would like to share our favorite way to say I love you to Mother Nature.

Valentine's Day causes a lot of carbon emissions with the increase in orders of valentine-related products which leads to a lot of greenhouse gasses, as well as harmful packaging.

Also, the waste percentage rises with over the approach of valentine’s concept.

  1. Plant a Plant

Plant a tree, a flower, or fruits and vegetables for your love. Planting brings fresh air and reduces climate change. It prevents water pollution and even clears the air in the room as well. Check out this post to learn which air-cleaner plant you can plant.

2. Be Plastic Free

Mother Earth will love it definitely when we go plastic-free! The chemicals resulting from composing plastic are causing environmental pollution, as we all know. Valentine’s day has a lot of plastic usages, from plastic-made gifts to plastic gift wrapping. So gifts made of sustainable materials are the best choice! As a suggestion for a unique gift idea to your loved ones this year, we have for you TerraMavi's plastic-free Valentine's gift sets, a heart-shaped coconut soap dish, or a heart-shaped portable bamboo box!

Don't forget to use "LoveTerra" for 20% OFF on all our products.

3. Let’s Walk

Greenhouse gasses emissions caused by transportation harm Mother Earth’s atmosphere. Walking is not only good for our health, but it also reduces the carbon footprint of the planet. So what about a romantic picnic in nature that you can combine with trekking?

4. Contemplate Mother Earth’s Beauty

Spend some romantic time with your beloved one under Mother Earth’s sky. Look into the amazing work of nature to the environment maybe with some drinks :)

So take a moment and with one of these ways say I love you when not forgetting Mother Earth!


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