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A story of love for nature

Image by Chris Lee
Image by Chris Lee


Welcome, Nature Lover!


Thanks for giving time to show interest in our story and interest to make this world better.

We’re bonded over our sadness about the sheer volume of plastics that enter our oceans, only to harm precious wildlife and pollute the waters.

We find the most ethical production and the best local farmers in South East Asia to bring alternative daily life products to your home in order to fight against plastic consumption.

We also takes care of finding the best ecological packaging to delicately package our products while taking care of the planet. 

We made it our mission to sow the seeds of change, one straw at a time with our beautiful zero waste products at TerraMavi. With ‘Terra’ meaning earth and ‘Mavi’ blue in Turkish, our name is inspired by the wonder of Mother Nature.

Working with our carefully hand-picked farmers in Indonesia, Ukraine, and South-East Asia, we developed a range of sustainable products that are 100% natural and compostable and ethically fair to the local communities that produce them. From bamboo to wheat, all our ingredients are sustainably sourced and cultivated.

Having a transparent, traceable supply chain is the cornerstone of TerraMavi. Since we operate based in Bangkok, New York and Istanbul, we can stay close to both our manufacturers and our customers.


  • To create beautiful eco-friendly products using only premium quality, chemical-free materials hand-picked by local farmers and made to the highest safety and hygiene standards.

  • No plastic and No waste! We use every part of the bamboo, coconut and wheat plant and all our products are 100% recyclable in eco-friendly packaging.

  • To usher in a new mindset where we create a new normal without plastic, and shift global consciousness by reducing plastic waste, caring about the planet and paying respect to Mother Nature.

Be part of the sustainable change you want to see in the world and make the switch to TerraMavi

​Be part of recycling revolution with TerraMavi and start to SHOP NOW.

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