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why terra mavı?

TerraMavi is founded with love for nature and its fundamental values are these two; love and nature. Therefore, we keep our core in all the process and these 10 reasons to choose TerraMavi were shaped. 


Terra Mavi offers sustainable products without waste! Every part of the plants is used and our packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials and does not contain plastic.


We carefully check with our local partners to be sure that there is no cause of deforestation in the plantations. Due to the variety of climate, we selected different regions in the countries to be able to harvest premium plants all year.


We are not only committed to the environment but also to community support. We help local villagers by providing better working conditions with higher wages than their daily income for local women and men.

We ensure that there is no child labor.


Our bamboo and other natural raw materials are subject to strict control and are laboratory certified. Our products comply with health, safety and environmental protection standards.


Our bamboo and coconut are handpicked, harvested, and processed to last product by hand. Contrary to many machine-based bamboo straws and coconut bowls in the market, our products are totally non-industrial and naturally processed.


Our bamboo, reeds, wheat and other raw materials are sustainably and organically grown with no use of pesticide. They are cultivated by local farmers and especially our bamboo products are handmade by local artisans. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial as given by this beautiful planet.


We maintain ethical and responsible relationships with our local partners. Especially, all our bamboo and coconut products are ethically sourced and come from the province of Bali (Indonesia) 


We are committed to protecting the environment. In order to support this cause, to help further improve the health of the oceans, we are working with Plastic Bank, whose goal is to clean the oceans from all that plastic.


We are expanding our sustainable product portfolio which already provides a wide range of selection of non-plastic solutions from reusable bamboo straws to coconut bowls.


Professional approach comes as a full package of Terra Mavi service. You can fully trust and expect to have a transparent and a positive approach with a full-time professional manner. 

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