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On Women's Day, We Listen To Women For Money-saving Zero Waste Tips

Women's Day has another importance for TerraMavi since the founders are women entrepreneurs, and women empowerment is always a priority in the core of TerraMavi. This year on Women's Day we said why not we give the mic to women and listen this time zero-waste tips from their own life. Scroll down to read the zero-waste tips from the women in real life.

COVID showed us how the environment is strong enough to renew itself if we leave it alone. We need nature and thus this keeps our intervention with it. However, it is also possible that we can keep our relationship in an eco-friendly way and leave nature harmless.

The good news are not finished yet! This zero-waste eco-friendly living style will also help you to save money.

You can save thousands of money. Hooray!!

We thought it would be great to combine those two great topics on such a special day and spoke with women in real life about their zero-waste & cost-saving habits.

#1 zero-waste deodorant

We all know how plastic is stinking and we will not tell the same story again but will listen to Lizzie's own story. She shares that her switch to solid deodorants started with her decision to cut her plastic consumption a couple of years ago. Lisa says it was a hesitating situation since she never tried any natural deodorant and concerned about its hygiene.

It was also hard for Lizzie to find testimonials in Switzerland when these natural deodorants were not so common in use. Thus, she would like to give some tips and comments and influence more people to switch to this natural product.

- Cream deodorant is better than the stick because of the ingredients. The deodorant creams don’t need to retain a shape that gives flexibility to ingredients. Since the ingredients of cream deodorants can make better contact with skin, it is better absorbed.

- Check if ingredients are natural and eco-friendly.

- Prefer the local brands to reduce the carbon footprint and support small businesses.

- Check also the packaging if it can be repurposed for different use after the content is finished.

- Long-lasting effect.

Lastly, Lizzie adds that generally spray deodorants made people use them more frequently since it is hard to know if it is enough amount or not. She says it was like taking shower with those chemical sprays but now she has found a zero-waste cream deodorant that actually works with an adequate amount, and she is spending less on this item on an annual term.

#2 multi-purpose cleaner

Maria from Thailand is an engineer and she spends most of her time coding on her computer. She shares that it was tough for her during her hectic schedule to think about all different cleaning materials until she met the savior; natural multi-purpose zero-waste cleaner.

Most of the cleaning can be done with two humble super-hero ingredients: baking soda and vinegar. They are humble enough to be found in nearly every pantry and enough super-hero to disinfect many places. If you also do not have time to make your own natural cleaning like Maria, then you can choose to buy from local shops.

This multi-purpose cleaner has many ways to contribute to Maria's pocket and our planet. One quick-fix cleaner for different surfaces and places is way better than buying min 3 to 5 different cleaners for the flooring, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Moreover, ingredients like coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate are cheap in value which lessens the cost. Lastly, only 3-4 spoons of the natural cleaner help to sanitize the whole house. Maria says she is in love with this versatile product which varies its effective use.

She adds as her last recommendation that local refill stations are her common stop-overs to reuse the same package and seize its use.


Meet Isa the solid bar lover from Thailand. She cares about her skin and hair due to her profession which puts her in front of the cameras every day. Isa was using dozens of different products and adds that those were all marketing traps that she fell into many times like many of us. However, it was not so hard to compensate all those plastic bottled products with one or two tiny natural soap bars.

Currently, she is using a coffee body scrub soap for her body & face. Ylang-ylang oil & shea butter soap to moisturize her hair, enhance circulation, and soothe the irritation that she generally has encountered due to air pollution or frequent hair styling.

She did have some doubts before trying it but once she made her calculations and the price per wash was lower than a plastic bottled liquid shampoo, she became a fan of the solid shampoo bar. And now Isa is feeling like an auxiliary ambassador of natural soaps which provide all we need from nature to us.


Dusica is a nature lover and truly an eco-warrior. She is not only working with Global Impact Network to spread the love for nature but also implements the eco-friendly way of living in her daily life. Once we asked her what would be her zero-waste tips she did not even think a sec and said my bamboo toothbrush!

Dusica is based in Geneva, surrounded by an extraordinary, mesmerizing nature, and found using plastic toothbrushes as a betrayal to nature.. When she decided to switch to plastic-free bamboo toothbrushes, she realized that the price of this new alternative was higher than the conventional toothbrushes. That is why our eco-warrior adds it is always advantageous and pragmatic to buy in bulk-size to save money. Lastly, she tells her TerraMavi bamboo toothbrushes are so far the most pleasant to use.


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