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Happy Eco-Easter

This year do not create tons of plastic to celebrate Easter, learn how to celebrate sustainably!

We have all loved Easter since our childhood which is always full of fun, games, and chocolate with easter eggs, right? However, while we have grown up and started to learn more about plastic waste, we also faced how these celebrations were contributing to this horrible fact.

So, are we going to turn our back to the traditional celebrations and stop celebrating or are we going to modify for a healthier, eco-friendlier version of it? Yeah, we can hear "yayyy let's modify it for the better". Then, let's start with these below easy-to-apply suggestions.

  1. No Plastic Easter Eggs!

This year we have a fun idea for the easter eggs because you will be making them yourself :) It is also a great activity for kids to learn how to be more eco-friendly. We will skip the plastic eggs that generally end up in a trash bin after their use each Easter. As an alternative, opt for naturally dyed eggs which you can use later on for a salad maybe.

There is only a need for natural dye which you can prepare at home from food scraps like beet for red colour or you can buy the ready ones. If you are really busy and cannot spare time to make your own natural colored Easter eggs, have a look for decorated pine cones or paper mache eggs.

Here is a 1 minute-long, great video to make your own natural dyed Easter eggs.

2. No Plastic Easter Basket!

One of the worst examples is plastic grassed-filled Easter baskets. Your filler this year can be natural grass or shredded papers which you can recycle afterward. If the colour is not that important, you can use hay as filler which is our favorite. Finally, skip the flimsy plastic baskets and have a look for baskets that were made from natural materials such as a coconut bowl. This unusual but interesting choice can contain up to 6-7 small eggs, and can be reused for the egg salad you will be making from Easter eggs :)

3. Go for Green Gifts for Eco-Easter Baskets!

The contrary to dominant existence of plastic toys in the market, there are adorable natural toy options that are also healthier and safer for your precious little one.

Yes, we are talking about natural wooden toys or natural plush like cotton crochet. A new alternative for creativity can be beeswax crayons which are natural and safe for toddlers.

Let's preserve nature and inspire people! Share this post with your beloved ones.


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