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Sustainable Valentine's Day Ideas

We believe Valentine's Day is not only about your partner and consumerism. It is about showing love and appreciation to everyone you love most. In this 3 min article, you will find eco-friendly, if possible zero-waste ideas for your kids, friends, your other half, parents, and whomever you wish to show affection to.

It is about showing love to your loved ones and nature together at this year's Valentine's Day.

Here is your easy menu:


Zero Waste Valentines

1. For Kids

2. For Friends

3. For Partner

4. For Parents


1) Zero Waste valentine's day ideas for kids

This day is about celebrating the love and we are pretty sure you will agree that kids are the ones needing LOVE the most. So, whether you a parent or have a little sibling/niece/nephew or know the kid of your neighbour, this is the time to make them happy. And guess what? It is easier to bring happiness in their lifes than bringing it to the adults :).

- Bake their special cake/ biscuit/cookies/popsicles and pack with a reusable fabric wrap (furoshiki).

We suggest you to use:

  • plant-based milk rather than diary milk to bake.

  • fruits like dates or figs to sweeten

  • sugar-free chocolate or coconut sugar

Do not forget to say them "I love you chocoLOT".

- Check for candies with compostable wrappers or recyclable cardboards & foils.

Yes, they exist. Candies, chocolates wrapped in plant-based, non-GMO, compostable wrappers! Italian Alce Nero moved from standard plastic to a biodegradable and compostable alternative to wrapping their chocolate bars. Alter Eco also provides delicious truffles cookies in plant-based compostable wrappers.

Whoppers and Hershey's have options for recyclable cardboard packaged chocolates.

- Fruits are so far the best choice.

This might be tricky with little kids who prefer chocolate over fruits but no worries there is a couple of tricks for this challenging situation. You can also simply give those little fruits as healthy treats.

Here is an easy recipe: Sugar free healthy chocolate dipped strawberries

- 10 to 15 strawberries

- sugar free chocolate chips

- 2 tablespoon coconut oil

Instructions: Melt the chocolate, stir with coconut oil to make it more liquid, dip the strawberries.

Voila, ready to serve!

- Give them gifts where they can use their creativity or create something new.

The gifts do not have to be candies or chocolates only. You can give gifts that kids can create something new from. Our favorite is seed pencils. They can use their creativity while drawing and once they finish the pencil, they can plant it :) It is great for them to learn how to plant a seed in a joyful way. They just need to throw these seeds into the soil, water it and let nature do the rest.

2) Zero Waste valentine's day ideas for FRIENDS

If you want to celebrate that special day with friends, we suggest to share the experience as well.

- Have a spa day at home

You will not only pamper your friends but yourself too. Check for some homemade scrab and face mask recipes in google. You may find some of our favorite recipes here TheSimple Veganista.

- Gift them eco starter pack

We said this day is also showing your love to the nature. So offer a gift with nature in it.

  • Try to gift an eco starter pack. This kit includes 1 bamboo toothbrush + 1 cleaning brush + 1 bamboo straw + 1 natural cotton tote bag + 1 coconut bowl + 1 bamboo cutlery set

  • If you want to go under 20 CHF/Euro option gift a coconut bowl + spoon set.

  • If you want go to under 15 CHF/Euro and give an eco kit, check out this everyday kit.

  • If you want to gift more than one friend, you can check this bamboo toothbrush which is less than 5 CHF/ Euro.

- Give them heart attack

You did not get what we meant by heart attack, right? It is an attack full of hearts and love. In this case we suggest to use tree-free cards, check sugar cane tree-free paper . All you need is to draw heart on each paper and add some love sentence that expresses how much you love them.

Either send it which might be better during COVID times or stick it on their door.

3) Zero Waste valentine's day ideas for your partner

If on this Valentine's day you will celebrate with your special one and still want to be eco-friendly, our suggestions will be "do it yourself" ones!

- Traditional candlelit dinner or picnic

Yes, it still works as long as you put your love in it! Awww, we are getting romantic.


- Stay away from plastic!

- Try to cook plant-based meals. Don't forget to show your love to nature, you can stay away from meat for this time.

- What about chocolate truffles? Try this recipe.

- Go to Natural Soap Making Workshop

This is one of our favorite gift ideas. The soap making process is fun, educative and pocket friendly. You will know how to make your own organic and eco-friendly soaps.

Amazing, right? What a better gift than a shared experience that happens to be nature friendly at the same time!

- Prepare "Reasons I Love You" Jar

All you need is a jar and some recycled paper. Once you are done with your little messages, send your "full of love" jar inside this reusable tote bag which says "Love, Live, Recycle" :).

4) Zero Waste valentine's day ideas for parents

If you still have your parents, show your love to them not only one day but every day. However, why not taking advantage of this extraordinary day to show your affection to whom loved you with no reason since you were born?

-Make a photo album.

Choose some fun moments together. Add notes behind the photos like date and place. This will be an amazing memorable gift for them

- Take them out for dinner.

Wasn't it them to fill your stomach when you were kid? It is time to pay back. Treat them with an impressive dinner or cook & invite them to your place.

In summary, you can use any of these ideas for any of your beloved ones. Just respect nature, show LOVE LOVE LOVE and do not forget LOVE yourself too.

May we all stay with love and health.


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