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8 Ways to Celebrate World Ocean Day on the 8th June!

Did you know that more than 70% of the earth is covered by the ocean? The ocean is vital for humanity, producing half of the earth’s oxygen, and is home to a variety of ecosystems. It is predominantly used as protein for over a billion people globally & creates high financial success for millions of people who work within ocean-oriented businesses.

However, the ocean needs our help! As a consequence of our actions, 90% of big fish populations have become eradicated alongside half of the world’s coral reefs. To create a more sustainable and loving planet for us all, it is up to us, now more than ever, to truly connect with the ocean sustainably and innovatively. We invite you to watch a short, fascinating video clip, on the significance of the ocean.


The purpose of World Ocean day is to increase understandings of the importance of the ocean and society’s impact on it and globally unite people on how we can more sustainably take care of our ocean and the world we live in today. TerraMavi has contributed via donation to Plastic Bank in order to help clean ocean plastics & also helps with beach clean-ups.

Want to celebrate this wonderful day, but don’t know how?

No worries - here there are many things you can get yourself involved in!

1. Reduce your carbon footprint & energy use, e.g. switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs.

2. If you’re a seafood lover, pick sustainable & healthy seafood!

3. Reduce your plastic use, e.g. use a reusable water bottle. When out & about, use a reusable bag, such as a TerraMavi tote – you can’t go wrong!

4. Don’t buy items destructive to sea life, e.g. coral jewelry.

5. Be a marine-friendly pet owner, e.g. ensure your pet’s food ingredients have been sustainably produced.

6. Support ocean-friendly businesses by donating or volunteering to get involved.

7. Be an ocean-friendly activist! Speak up if you notice a threatened species of fish on the menu, buy zero-waste products, and get talking with your network on the ocean and why it’s important to be more ocean-friendly. Engage in fun, collaborative learning by getting cozy & watching documentaries, such as Seaspiracy, with your close ones.

8. If you’re a bookworm, read up on some fascinating ocean books, for example by Carl Safina, Liz Cunningham, and many more!

For more on World Ocean Day & how you can get involved, seek this helpful website. The more you understand about the ocean, the more you can inspire others, and the closer we are to a sustainable, healthier, and happier life! Just as TerraMavi stands for, the earth and the ocean are interdependent.

We only share one ocean, let’s treat it right.


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